Roz Beaton is the creator of Buckskin & Lace. Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, she experienced rare beauty at an early age. Her inspiration comes straight from the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Ocean, and high end shopping. Roz picked up additional appreciation towards the design industry through her work as a professional trick rider and stuntwoman for the past fifteen years. She knew from an early age that vintage fashion and unique art was the path she wanted to take long term. In 2014, she pursued her dream and started Buckskin & Lace. Today you can find her handmade designs in upscale boutiques, western stores, and websites across the United States and Canada.

The story

Roz Beaton

Buckskin & Lace is molded from the hands of an artist. Everything sold by Buckskin & Lace represents a part of my life. Whether it be a flawed or rare find, each piece has its story. I would not consider my work to simply be a passing trend but a lifelong statement. My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, seeking to create timeless pieces that may inspire this generation and the next. I hope that you will enjoy these treasures I have found and created. Let the pieces give you a unique statement not only to your style, but your life. 

With Love,

Roz Beaton